17th February 2024

A memorable corporate celebration

Planning a company party, finding the venue, choosing the catering, DJ and lighting set-up.

The client request

A memorable carnival corporate party

Our client CCRS Nord del Gruppo BNL commissioned us to organise a memorable carnival corporate party for his employees. We curated every aspect: from choosing an appropriate venue, to designing the catering, hiring a DJ to provide outstanding entertainment and take care of the lighting and set up. The goal was a fun party to foster team spirit with cheerfulness.

The Smart Eventi proposal

A flawless experience.

A historic and charming venue welcomed the guests, providing the ideal setting for a memorable event. Our attentive handling of every detail allowed the client's employees to fully engage with the party’s lively atmosphere. We coordinated every detail: from the refined catering to the elegant set-up, from the sound and lighting service to the selection of suppliers. Every element was taken care of to ensure a flawless experience.

The achived results

An extraordinary success

It was an extraordinary success, beyond all expectations. The event hit the mark, fully satisfying the client, who was so enthusiastic that he immediately requested another one. All set goals were met with exciting results, exceeding the most optimistic forecasts.

We had a great time and the party was a success. Kudos to the catering service, which was very much appreciated. We would love to organise another party in the summer!


Planning a company party, finding the venue, choosing the catering, DJ and lighting set-up.


Planning a memorable carnival party

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