28th November 2023

Theatre team building: an amazing experience!

Team building

The client request

An educational team building

Our client requested a team building with an educational focus, to be held in the city of Rome. We were to design a customised activity to help the company achieve its specific goals, and at the same time make sure to create an engaging and educational experience for all participants, that would bring tangible and measurable results for the whole team.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Enterprise Theater activity

We offered a customised consulting service specifically aimed at identifying the critical focal points for the effectiveness of the “Enterprise Theater” activity. This unique service combined the Team Building experience with educational insights, creating a unique and enriching experience for all involved. Participants compiled a detailed questionnaire and, through the subsequent in-depth analysis of the results during the briefing and debriefing, we were able to provide comprehensive and focused support. In addition, we enriched the experience with a highly engaging theatrical performance, which significantly contributed to building trust and collaboration among colleagues. This integrated and well-structured approach was designed to achieve concrete results, significantly improving the work environment and making it more stimulating, productive and cohesive.

Achived results

An enriching work experience

Through our effective team building training activity, we achieved the goal of creating an opportunity for colleagues who, due to remote working, struggled to see each other to meet. We offered them an enjoyable but also highly educational day, thus enriching their work experience.


Team building


Organising creative, formative and, above all, focused team building driven by corporate goals

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