19th-20th June 2023

A grand entrance: the perfect showroom for an Italian debut

Venue scouting, catering management, merchandise storage

Client request

Showroom in the heart of Milan

Jellycat, a renowned British plush toy manufacturer, sought to create an unforgettable debut showroom in the heart of Milan. Their pursuit focused on identifying a truly unique and exquisitely captivating venue, combined with top-notch catering arrangements and smooth merchandise storage solutions.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Plush toy, plush toy, plush toy

After evaluating several exceptional options, a stunning loft in the Lambrate area emerged as the ideal choice for Jellycat's event. The beautifully arranged exhibits of plush toys complemented the loft space with impeccable harmony, eliciting positive surprises from the client and visitors alike. The meticulously planned catering services, featuring a coffee station and a buffet lunch, were an added boon during the course of the event.

Achived results

All goals ware accomplished

The event left both the client and the audience extremely impressed, marking all goals as accomplished. The client exceeded their own targets, while the beauty of the venue and the catering's high standards earned wide applause.

Elena Milan
Account Manager - Europe Jellycat Ltd

The event went very well. The location was beautiful and we were able to showcase and highlight our products in a truly impressive setting. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and for always responding to us in a precise, detailed and timely manner, offering us help in all aspects of event management, from organisation to administration and logistics. Thanks to you, we were able to organise this event within a short time frame. You were very helpful, professional, organised and always showed passion for your work. Everything went according to our expectations and we are thrilled with the result.


Venue scouting, catering management, merchandise storage


Setting up Jellycat's first Italian showroom

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