6th October 2022

Paint company: beauty is born of teamwork!

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The customer request

Organizing an activity that could bring a new balance among the teams

IMCD Italia, a leading player in the specialty chemicals industry, reached out to us with a request to organise their 3rd consecutive team building event. This year, the focus was on the logistics and accounting teams within the beauty and make-up sectors. With recent changes in the workforce, including managerial transitions, the company sought an activity that would help foster balance and harmony among different teams and their members. The aim was to address this crucial aspect and provide an engaging platform for the participants to express themselves while encouraging collaboration.

The Smart Eventi proposal

The Paint Company: the most effective team building for improving team collaboration

To meet the client's demands and achieve their objectives, we enthusiastically recommended our highly effective team building activity known as "Paint Company”. This activity allowed each team to work on individual canvases or panels, contributing to the creation of a unified final painting that showcased the collective effort of everyone involved. This activity is meant to serve as a valuable tool to reinforce an important message within the company or mark a significant milestone. To enhance the message's impact, we incorporated natural materials such as lentils, corn, and beans into the artwork. In line with the pursuit of balance, we carefully selected a venue in the serene Milanese hinterland —a farmhouse nestled in the beautiful countryside— where our guests could immerse themselves in the rustic beauty of a portico surrounded by plants and bathed in the warm autumn sunlight.

The end result was a stunning painting that very aptly depicted a field of wheat and flowers, masterfully crafted by combining the canvases of the diverse teams.

Achived results

Achieving an atmosphere of harmony, thanks to our team building

Through the collaborative process of creating a collective work of art, team members experienced a profound sense of belonging and harmony. The most rewarding moment coincided with all the individual paintings seamlessly merging into a magnificent 'jigsaw puzzle,' surpassing the value of their individual parts. This particular team-building activity beautifully exemplified the power of unity, emphasising the importance of working together towards a shared goal. The transformative outcome served as a testament to the extraordinary potential that emerges when individuals unite their talents and efforts, resulting in a truly exceptional and impactful result.

Business Unit Manager Beauty & Personal Care, Home Care and I&I

A relaxing afternoon, between art and nature, in which we talked about the importance of harmony and balance.

Thanks to Eugenia Merani and Smart Eventi for guiding us on this path. And thanks to a fantastic team!


team building organisation


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