FAS International event after Venditalia fair

FAS international

The Customer's Request

FAS International, a company from Schio (Vicenza), the leader in the production and distribution of vending machines, contacted us to support them in organizing a corporate evening in Milan on the occasion of the Venditalia fair - the 12th International exhibition of automatic distribution, in which several of their customers took part as exhibitors. On this occasion, FAS International desired to organize a party in the city center, asking us for particular attention to the location: a place that had a history, a particular design, and that allowed us to dance.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Given the request, we decided to propose a former bronze foundry, no longer active and used as a space for events of all kinds. The internal size makes it a suitable location to host events of all kinds, surrounded by an internal courtyard which is also large and adapt for spring events as in this case.

Once the space was confirmed, we dedicated ourselves to the choice of catering and the deejay set, and finally, we proposed two lighting effects to further enhance the space. The first was a video projector that reproduced the company logo on the wall of the location, and the second was an arrangement of several Smart Bats to illuminate the space in red, the official color of the brand.

Results Achieved

The choice of location definitely contributed to making everything more suggestive, and the organization of this event was as challenging as it was rewarding. The feedback was positive and the entire management was widely recognized by the customer.

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