27th september/1st october 2022

An incentive travel between Italian culinary traditions and Roman territories

The customer request

Organize an incentive travel to celebrate the company's 10-year business anniversary

Pharmetheus, a Swedish-origin pharmaceutical development company, contacted us to organize an incentive travel to Italy to celebrate the company's 10-year anniversary during which it would hold a meeting, a team-building activity and provide leisure time for its employees in a location totally immersed in the typical hills of our peninsula.


The Smart Eventi proposal

An incentive travel to the gates of the Eternal City, tailor-made team building

After a careful location scouting activity, we proposed a villa near Frascati and close to Fiumicino airport, so as to satisfy our client's first important request: to live the experience in a location immersed in the green of nature and at the same time easy and quick to reach.

A prestigious villa on the outskirts of Rome, renowned for its structure and exclusive rooms, but also for its large functional spaces for activities such as team building and suitable for the organization of corporate meetings.

4-day stay, where our guests delighted in our proposals aimed at increasing the sense of belonging to the company and teamwork.

To break the ice and give the team the right energy right from the start, we came up with the drum circle, an engaging activity that stimulates the sense of rhythm and collaboration by inviting participants to introduce themselves in an initial warm-up phase by exploiting the musicality of instruments and then to challenge each other to music after creating a tune for each team, followed by a dinner with crime where the level of participation was equally heartfelt.

On the 2nd day after taking part in the meetings organized in the internal rooms of the location, our guests were able to delight in the team cooking activity organized in collaboration with the chefs of the facility who found themselves in turn taking part in this type of team building for the first time. A happy collaborative experience that, as a final result, saw the creation of two typical types of Italian pasta: fettuccine and gnocchi, accompanied finally by an equally typical dessert: cannoli and cannoncini.

The dishes were tasted later during dinner, accompanied by the wine tasting activity we organized in collaboration with a local sommelier.

At the conclusion of the 3rd day, which was particularly busy due to the demand for participation in several scheduled business meetings, we were in charge of organizing a gala dinner, moving to another villa among the Castelli Romani, also with exclusive and particularly evocative tones thanks to the renowned view of Lake Albano.

On the 4th and final day, we devoted ourselves to organizing transfers for the departure of our guests, except for the company managers who extended their stay by two more days to conclude their meetings and gatherings.


Achieved Results

Satisfied customers and an enrichment of our organizational experience

The client particularly appreciated the choice of location, and all guests were satisfied with the proposed activities and the organization as a whole.

Our team building team enriched their experience by managing an event that was as important as it was challenging in every organizational aspect and expanded their client portfolio beyond the Alps.


Elodie Plan
Principal Consultant & Business Development Team Leader

Eugenia, Alessandro and Clara provided amazing support for our 2022 company trip in Rome. They suggested thrilling team building activities following our theme, and were here with us every step of the way to support what was a successful meeting.



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