15th February 2018

Team Building activity for Saint-Gobain employees

Team building Mystery Room activity for Saint-Gobain

 We organized this team building event for Saint-Gobain – materials and eco sustainable construction industry markets global leader.

The location for the meeting was already defined and we had to entertain the hosts in team building activities in a room of the structure in one hour of time before dinner.

The perfect solution was our Mystery Room team building!

We invited the partecipants to enter in the room and blocked the entrance with a lock, so they had no way to escape the game. At this point the game and the countdown start, each time has a chest of drawers and must open all the drawers to find out the mysteries and the questions that they will find until the last test, which will give them the key necessary to escape from the room!

The teams have 1 hour to escape the room, and the first team that will find the key will win.

The event has been a great success and the partecipants gave their best to solve the enigmas. Leaders learned the team spirit.


Team building Mystery Room activity for Saint-Gobain


- Audio and video services

- Design of the hour available to the activity

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