16th October 2023

Celebrating a great brand in style!

Event planning and venue scouting

The client request

Corporate anniversary

EVOCA S.p.a contacted us to organise a corporate event to celebrate the 85th anniversary of their coffee-machine brand Gaggia. They specifically requested a venue that could host 200 guests, and that could be customised to reflect the brand’s personality and values. The atmosphere was to echo the company's ethos, entwined with a product-centered narrative, spanning the entire event.

The Smart Eventi proposal

An enchanting event

The celebratory corporate anniversary we organised for Evoca S.p.a. was an enchanting affair, crafted with precision from selecting the ideal venue to curating the perfect menu. Nestled in the heart of the city, the extraordinary and highly customisable space we selected became an unforgettable setting, ensuring the entire event exuded a sense of celebration and respect for the brand’s history. We also hired sensational entertainment to add rhythm to the schedule, alternating thrilling LED performances with the CEO’s speech, video projections and, of course, the grand entrance of a sumptuous cake.

Achived results

A stunning success

The client’s enthusiastic remarks regarding the chosen venue and the catering confirmed that we made the right choices in planning this event. This anniversary was a stunning success, more grandiose than the client was expected. The brand was central and celebrated at every turn and all attendees were in awe of it throughout the evening.

Thank you for your availability and patience. The end result is definitely positive, and we are also receiving confirmation of this these days from our colleagues and managers. The venue had a huge impact on all attendees, and the catering was greatly appreciated. Congratulations!


Event planning and venue scouting


Planning an event for Gaggia’s 85th brand anniversary

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