21st October 2022

Creative team building: make your own corporate commercial

team building organisation

The customer request

Organizing a team building to reflect on corporate values

Gens Aurea S.p.A., Europe's top gold and precious metals trading firm, sought team building services for an employee-focused event. Established in Milan in 2009, the company holds a prominent presence in the marketing arena, frequently engaging with major broadcasters through radio and TV advertisements.

The Smart Eventi Proposal

Movie Making and Spot Team Building

Our client, inspired by their goal to foster team cohesion and creativity, found the ideal solution in our “SPOT” activitya captivating team-building experience centred around video production. The task at hand was to create compelling commercials that would effectively convey the company's core values within the succinct framework of a 30-second advertisement. The teams embraced their newfound roles as genuine advertising agencies, taking charge of every aspect of the process. From conceptualising captivating storyboards to crafting memorable slogans, from penning witty jokes to crafting their own distinctive costumes, they poured their creative energies into every detail. Embracing the spotlight, they even took on the roles of actors, bringing their visions to life. With our expert guidance, they skillfully filmed and edited their commercials. As the day progressed, the meeting room was dramatically transformed into a glamorous red carpet venue. Anticipation filled the air as the commercials were unveiled, and an exhilarating award ceremony followed suit, recognising outstanding achievements across various categories, including the prestigious "Oscar" of the event.

Achieved results

Training, involvement and achievement of business goals

The event successfully accomplished multiple goals assigned to us. Firstly, it served as a training moment that engaged the teams in a highly creative process, fostering a deep reflection on the company's core values. Moreover, it provided a unique opportunity for employee engagement, seamlessly aligning with the client's desire to create an unforgettable “Oscar or gala awards experience”. The activity not only facilitated team bonding but also allowed participants to showcase their talents, fostering a sense of pride and recognition among the employees. Overall, the event achieved its objectives by combining creativity, reflection, and an engaging awards context to deliver a memorable and impactful experience for all involved.

Board Executive Assistant

It was a fantastic experience that we will remember for a long time!


team building organisation


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