11th December 2014

Team building

Team Building

C&A, a leading firm in clothing distribution, needed to enliven the Christmas management meeting with some team-building activities to improve teamwork and reinforce the aims established in the corporate meeting.
We started working on the concept of redesigning the brand's image and organised a painting session, dividing the participants into teams. Using only recycled materials, corporate images, their own photos and basic drawing supplies, each team was asked to offer their own interpretation of a brand redefinition, in a specific style of painting set by our coach.

The real surprise was to find out that the teams were unknowingly complementary to each other in assembling a unique artwork, which was eventually exhibited in the corporate office to the satisfaction of all involved.

Marina Begotti
Executive Assistant

The feedback on the event has been entirely positive, the rating was 11/10 for the organization and implementation of the activity. All participants had a great time and they later implemented that experience into the brand's current business strategy. The location was perfect for the activity and it met our requirements. Thanks a lot for everything, it was a wonderful experience! 


Team Building


Organising both a Christmas meeting and a team-building session, in order to boost the group's cohesiveness in view of specific tasks and goals

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