Team Building Drum Circle for Volkswagen


Customer Request

Volkswagen contacted us to organize an activity which developed the listening ability and the team group in an original way for its employees.

Smart Eventi proposal

We’ve invented an activity which answered to the customers’ needs and which managed to guide the participants to develop these fundamental characteristics to be able to work in a team: the Drum Circle.

It is a kind of team building which conveys the ability of listening to the others using musical instruments, locating the individuals in a circle shape and letting them free to express their musical vein.

We’ve divided the activity into two phases: during the first one we’ve used the music to convey the importance of the reciprocal listening, whereas during the second one we’ve divided the participants into three teams and we’ve assign them a task in which they had to recreate a song from the appointed spot.


The result of the teamwork was surprising, they’ve worked together and recreated the song from the spot re-elaborating it with cues from their work life inside the company.

The customer was very satisfied of the amazing success of the event, in which the participants completely achieved the target.

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