Talkwalker company meeting


Customer Request

Talkwalker, an important company based in Luxembourg, needed a definitely amazing location for a company presentation addressed to loyal customers and future Italian customers.

Smart Eventi proposal

Smart Eventi thanks to its multi-year experience proposed one of the most wonderful places of Milan, which offers a really unique and amazing view of the city, which leaves everybody breathless.

Summertime has surely favoured the success of the buffet aperitif to conclude the evening which took place in one of the most beautiful terraces of Milan, where the guests could enjoy an amazing landscape while they were drinking an excellent glass of champagne and tasting the delicious food made by our expert catering.


The customer was very satisfied of the success of the event, mainly because as the company is based abroad of course the knowledge of the location in Milan is very limited, for this reason they contacted Smart Eventi, which can boast a wide experience in the sector.

The aperitif with a view on a breathtaking terrace left everybody without words.

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