Team Building Spot for N26


Customer Request

The client N26, a direct bank with its headquarter in Germany, which offers financial services to the Eurozone customers, contacted Smart Eventi to organize a team building.

Smart Eventi proposal

We organized for N26 a creative team building activity: a team building Spot.

The activity consisted in the realisation and presentation of the spots ideated by the different teams.

At the beginning the participants have been divided into teams, as in a real advertising agency, and they have been appointed to realise an advertising spot on a topic that the company would like to convey, that is the one of a human bank, close to each one needs.

Some slogan examples are: the simple bank, the bank which adapts to your lifestyle, your bank could be sexy, the bank that will conquer you.

With the help of our communication expert and selected by Smart Eventi, the teams began to transform their ideas in a real Storyboard.

Then, together with a professional videomaker, they went outdoor to realise the spots' shooting, which they presented in class later on.


The result has been amazing: the spots achieved their objective and they have been very convincing.

Thanks to this team building activity it has been possible to strengthen the team work, to enlighten the leadership and to stimulate the creativity of each of the participants.

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