Geco Expo 2021

Geco Expo

GECO Expo 2021 was the first edition of the online fair dedicated to sustainability and entirely planned by our team of Smart Eventi in collaboration with the Hypersmarter - virtual event platform.

The aim was to bring together all those interested in creating a future of sustainable development, putting in contact companies and institutions, innovators and young startuppers and representatives of large industry.

We took care of the entire creation of the virtual fair, from the creation of the website connected to the virtual platform to the creation of the virtual world with all the characteristics that a fair space should have: interactive pavilions with exhibitor stands, auditorium where you can participate in round tables, spaces dedicated to sponsors, interactive areas.

In addition to creating the environment, we took care of the communication of the fair through advertising campaigns, collaborations with sponsors and journalistic editors but also digital newspapers and blogs. We filled the 3 days with a rich program of streaming meetings where the best speakers in the industry, selected by us, discussed the themes of the fair.

We managed the relations with the exhibitors and guided the setting up of their stand, as well as all the technical support to the visitors and buyers attending the event.


This first edition of GECO Expo registered 3920 subscribers, of which 562 buyers and 57 exhibitors, with a total of 7570 admissions. The numbers speak for themselves: it was a success on all fronts, which even exceeded our expectations, in terms of response from the public, partners, buyers and exhibitors. These numbers give an idea of ​​the scope of the event, but also of its potential. Thanks to the technologies that are used to create a virtual fair, in fact, we have a quantity of information that is simply unthinkable for a traditional event and that allows us to immediately identify a strategy to follow for the next edition.

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