Art exhibition for Francesca Agrati

Francesca Agrati

Customer Request

Francesca Agrati contacted us for the second time to find a suitable location to host her art exhibition.

Smart Eventi proposal

For the second time Smart Eventi found a special space to set Francesca Agrati's exhibition, that gave relevance to her masterpieces.

We chose a really unique location, born in the place of a former carpenter's shop in the inner yard of a typical railing house, which allowed us to set the path giving the right importance to the masterpieces exposed. It is a polyvalent space, perfect to host exhibitions and events in an informal climate thanks to a cozy living-room and the kitchen, it is divided into two areas: the creative area and the convivial area.

We carefully made sure that the illumination evaluated the exhibition and was properly set and we created a natural path that the guests could follow.


The exhibition had a great success because the location evaluated the paintings in the best way and thanks to the path that we carefully created the guests admired in detail every single masterpiece.

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