8th March 2018

Boulder Media Recruitment Event

Boulder Media Road Show in Milan

Boulder Media is an animation studio in Dublin and this year decided to start a road show in Europe, with Milan as its last step. Their mission was the recruitment of new people, by bringing the same format of event in all the cities.

To employ new people, they did a comunication campaign on their websites and social pages inviting the interested peope to enroll in the event. They gathered more or less 100 people from all Italy.

Boulder Media asked us to find a proper location which must represent the Dublin citizens mood, in order to make the guests feel properly the experience already in the meeting.

For this reason we chose a bar similar to their Irish pubs, with a relaxing and fun environment as the one of our client. Boulder Media strongly believes that in this way they can offer something more to their potential new employees, and on the other side to employ the right people for the researched positions.

Overall Boulder Media asked us to take care of the catering and the entertainment part of the day, by finding a proper location with dj set and technical audio and video equipment.

When the guests arrived we welcomed them with welcome drinks and immediately after the Boulder Media's staff presentation, the dj set started playing and we offered the catering.

At the end of the event everyone was in confidence with each other and the event was a great success! The italian guests had the opportunity not just to know the company but also the future managers in person.

In this way, Boulder Media offered all the candidates the opportunity to feel what it feels like to be part of the company's team and what would be the future reality in the company.

This event is a perfect mix between the HR sector and the event sector.

Michael Downey

Tijana was a brilliant person to work with when we launched are roadshow event in Milan in March.

We had such a short deadline to make this event happen and she delivered on time and on budget. My team unfortunately was delayed to the event but Tijana ensured all our guest were taken care of until are arrival.

During the event she was very attentive to the needs of our guest and crew and continuously ensured that food and drinks were constantly flowing into the event space. We could not have asked for a better person to support our event and would definitely work with her again if the need was to arise. 

She was very friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with.


Boulder Media Road Show in Milan


- Scouting location

- Rent of technical audio and videoequipment

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