31st January 2019

Press day for Bimar

Press day

Customer Request

Bimar, an historical applicance company, contacted us to organise a press day for the launch of the new products of the “Smart Home Collection”.

Smart Eventi proposal

We've organised a press day for Bimar to launch the new “Smart Home Collection", which shows products born from the collaboration among the historical company and the technological colossus Tuya.

They have the characteristic of being "smart", that is to be managed and controlled from a simple application installed on the mobile phone: “Bimar live smart”.

Besides the appliances a particular socket was presented, which allows the normal appliances to become smart.

We proposed to the customer a location which was perfectly suitable to host an event of this kind: a polyvalent space situated in the modern Porta Nuova area and which present more areas which offer the possibility of different settings according to the needs.


The presentation of the new line had a great success because the polyvalent location made an ad hoc setting possible, giving relevance to the different products and offering the guests the possibility of admiring them closer.


Press day


Scouting location

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