20th June 2019

Wher Launch App Event

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Wher contacted Smart Eventi to organise an event in occasion of the launch of their application.

Smart Eventi proposal

We organised an event for our customer Wher to launch their application dedicated to women in the city of Milan.

Wher is the first application which reviews the streets of the main Italian and European cities, and it is possible thanks to a female Community.

Thanks to this app the city looks safer for women because it suggests the safest streets to take, which are reviewed by women who usually attend them.

The main difficulty was to create a press day focused on an important topic, safety, and self-confidence, but at the same time to give a lightness touch to the whole event.

We therefore organised the event inside a colourful and designed loft in Tortona district, an area mainly attended by young people and characterised by the innovation of its networking areas. Besides the communication graphics and the creative settings, we managed the press office service inviting journalists and bloggers from Milan who were in target with the diffusion of such an important message for women.

After a first part of explanation of the app, the guests could have an aperitif with a themed catering, with the colours of Wher logo. Everything took place, besides in the indoor areas, on the loft's terrace. Some areas were dedicated to interactive entertainment for the guests, such as a space where we put a paper board in which it was possible to leave messages and suggestions about how to improve both the city of Milan and the app itself.


The event had a great media feedback, thanks to the publications in the weeks that followed the event, and the guests not only had fun, but they also paid attention to the topic that was dealt during the event.


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