Three team buildings in three days for STMicroelectronics


During the annual meeting of the Financial Control area of STMicroelectronics, which hosted almost 20 guests, we followed the organisation of the 3 team buildings which aimed at bringing the group together during these 3 engaging days from the working point of view.

On the first evening we organised a quiz game, during the dinner, enriched by the arcade games that made the activity even funnier and most of all they generated a moment of entertainment between the courses.

Instead in the afternoon of the second day we organised a Lego Building, an activity during which the group was divided into 4 teams and each of them had to build a Carry container by LEGO Technic, forecasting some situation in which they showed great problem solving and team work skills. The final cues which emerged from the observation of our trainer were very interesting and they have been shared with the company.

On the third and last day we organised an amusing Ghost Hunt, dividing the group into teams each one with an Ipad to overcome the trials we organised for them.

The activity was concluded after dinner with a video edited instantly using photos and videos autogenerated from the teams themselves using the Ipad we gave them.
All the activity were in English.

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