22nd November - 24th December 2018

Temporary store for Preziosa Jewelry

Temporary store

Customer Request

Our customer Preziosa Jewelry asked us to find a suitable space for the promotion and selling of the young brand during Christmas time.

Smart Eventi proposal

After a careful selection, we proposed a space for the promotion and selling of the young brand Preziosa Jewelry situated in the centre of Milan, in a popular area.

The initial idea was to open the temporary store during the Christmas period to give the possibility of touching her jewels by hand, to have a direct contact with the public besides the e-commerce.

It is a space characterized by a really particular architecture and by an inner structure which gives the possibility of personalizing the temporary based on the exhibited products.


The temporary had a great success because the location allowed to exhibit the jewels in an original way according to the "travel" topic guaranteeing them the visibility required by the customer.


Temporary store


Scouting location

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