Sensory exhibition by Lush


Our customer Lush relied on us to organise the third and last stop of the international tour of Lush UK- Gorilla Perfume Volume IV Gallery - a perfumed exhibition thought to show the audience the history of the last collections of Gorilla perfume line.

The Gallery has already stopped in Berlin and Edimburgh and it had a great success.

The last perfume line was is the result of the friendship between the chief perfumer Simon Constantine and Hal Samples, photographer and director from Dallas. Through their friendship and collaboration the 14 fragrances of this collection has been influenced by some exceptional tales and explored important topics.

Therefore the exhibition creates an immersive Gallery complete with installations, movies and photography to allow people to interact with the creations. Jump into the Road From Damascus, relax in the Self Esteem Machine and get comfortable in the "abandoned" house hidden inside the water tank by Bansky.

The chosen location was a very peculiar space situated in Corso Como, in the most modern area of our city which is also a crucial crossing point.

During the week there were also a lot of evening events with live music and sell of perfume and exclusive products.

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