Temporary store for Lone Design Club

Lone Design Club

Customer Request

The client Lone Design Club, an experience concept store which has different emerging fashion designers, contacted Smart Eventi for a support to realise a temporary store during September Fashion Week.

Smart Eventi proposal

Smart Eventi found a suitable location to realise a temporary store for its client Lone Design Club during September Fashion Week.

We proposed a wide space situated in the real heart of Brera, in the center of Milan. The location has different corners where it is possible to exhibit products and bright windows facing the street.

During the event 15 independent brands exhibited the previews of their collections, gathering together towards a common objective: an even more eco-sustainable fashion which says no to fast-fashion.

Clothes and high level accessorizes were exposed, which found a perfect collocation in the proposed space.

The brands' designers were present, offering the possibility to curious and Milan fashion lovers of knowing them in person and listening to their collections stories.


The opportunity of knowing in person the designers and listening to their stories attracted a lot of fashion lover visitors.

The designers appreciated a lot Smart Eventi's availability both in looking for a suitable location and in monitoring and giving suggestions during the temporary store.

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