23th February 2022

Metaphysical setting for Calcaterra's lunar collection

scouting location and staging

The Client's Request

Daniele Calcaterra, the founder of the eponymous brand known in the Italian and European fashion scene since 2014, reached out to us during the launch of the fw 22/23 collection held last February 23.

Known for the steady search for shapes, innovative as well as exclusive, and sophisticated materials, this season he has developed a collection intending to recreate that phenomenon that has always enchanted every human being: the eclipse.

Our support was requested in scouting a location and setting that could somehow reproduce that aura of mystery, that hovers around the movement of the moon that obscures the light of the sun.

Smart Events' proposal

After a thorough analysis of the concept of the fashion show and the volumes of the garments, purposely expanded out of proportion, we searched for a location able to blend with the creative soul of the designer. The chosen space, with its post-contemporary design, is located in the beating heart of Milan's city center; a technologically advanced space with minimalist furnishings, perfect for showing a collection fully inspired by the lunar eclipse.

Through the setting, we tried to re-propose the non-color balance (black, blue, brown, gray) as the designer states, abruptly interrupted by the lunar white. A play of forces realized by combinations of light and shadows, combined with audio, a catwalk and white spheres that descended from the ceiling with the idea of reminding the moon.

Results Achieved

The fashion show was a great success, fully satisfying the client, so much so that they commissioned us in advance for next September's fashion show.

We supported the designer Daniele Calcaterra for the launch of the next fall winter. To run this time are not only his garments but also our set-up ideas and the location we found especially for this event.


scouting location and staging


Scouting location

Fashion Show realization

Support the staging of the event


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