13/14th May 2022

Team building, personalized content, and social commitment for Wittenstein spa

incentive and team building

The Customer's Request

Organizing a corporate trip with social purpose activities

We were contacted by Wittestein Spa, a mechatronics technology company, to organize a company trip.

Our client's goal was to involve employees by making them participate in the performance of an activity for a social purpose, in an unconventional and completely personalized way for the company.

We were asked to find the most suitable location where to host a Team Building, also taking care of the catering services and the creation of content for communication.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Charity building: a new team building format

We quickly identified a location of large dimensions, where the meeting rooms, the spaces for catering services, and the areas intended for the moments can coexist, immersed in the greenery and quiet of the Lombard countryside. In addition, we also took care of all the transfer services for the participants, ensuring maximum punctuality in the movements.

Subsequently, we dedicated ourselves to the design of a "tailor-made" Team Building, developing an original formula for Charity Building, which is an activity that involved the construction of prams for children. Crucial was the support of a relied partner specialized in the analysis and testing of prototypes, who supported us in managing relations with the Department of Child Neuropsychiatry of the Niguarda, where the wheelchairs were subsequently donated.

To make team building even more engaging, we created a treasure hunt where the participants had to find all the pieces required for the wheelchair. To complete the activity, we proposed to personalize each wheelchair with decorations and messages for social purposes.

 Results Achieved

Organizing an incentive trip that lives up to expectations

The client's expectations were met by combining playful moments with socially useful activities as required.

A new social team-building format with unpublished personalized multimedia content is the result of the event. In particular, we had very positive feedback from the video of "bizarre interviews" made with 3 days of filming/interviews, before, during, and after the activities, broadcast as a conclusion during the last day of the event, a final and celebratory moment, yielding the emotion but also the laughter of all present.

Marketing & Exhibitions

The collaboration with Smart Eventi was exciting and adrenaline-pumping. There was an understanding even before starting by marking a fruitful path during all phases of the event.

All the collaborators, even the most skeptical, were involved by the creativity and dynamism of the team, and the location also made an impact, conveying a sense of tranquility and energy at the same time.

The “Charity building” team building activity was welcomed and implemented with great passion and dedication. The intent was to spend carefree hours together, building something socially useful and recreating an atmosphere of union between people.

The bizarre interview entertained us for which a special thanks goes  to the direction of Corinna. The result was amazing and brilliant, arousing as many emotions as laughter.


incentive and team building


team building- charity

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