16th June 2022

When the venue is not a venue…

Set-up, event planning and catering

The customer request

Hold a corporate meeting at the brand-owned venue

In collaboration with another communication agency, we were entrusted with the exciting task of organizing an exceptional event for NUTKAO. The challenge at hand was to create a memorable meeting for a sizable gathering of 200 individuals directly at the NUTKAO factory located in Cuneo, bearing in mind that the factory premises did not include a room or hall spacious enough to accommodate all the invited guests.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Hold the event in a marquee outside the company

The event we organised for Nutkao was a spectacular testament to our creativity and dedication. Given the limited space within the factory, we embarked on an ambitious mission to erect a magnificent marquee in the company car park, transforming it into a captivating venue that exuded elegance and sophistication. Within a remarkable timespan of just two days, we meticulously set up the marquee to perfectly accommodate the meeting. Our team went above and beyond, installing an impressive audio-video system that included a stunning video wall, ensuring a visually stunning experience for all attendees. To complete the ambiance, we arranged the seating and tables and catering area with scrupulous attention to detail, creating an environment that merged technology, comfort, and hospitality. The result was a smoothly executed event that left a lasting impression, perfectly showcasing our ability to transform challenges into opportunities for unparalleled success.

Achieved results

Organizing an event by combining functionality and aesthetics

We accomplished remarkable goals for the assigned job, driven by our unwavering enthusiasm and expertise. We succeeded, in just two days, in constructing a spacious tensile structure of substantial dimensions, skillfully designed to cater to both the 200-person meeting and a dedicated area for catering services. By effectively blending functionality and aesthetics, we created an exceptional event space that left a lasting impression on all attendees.


Set-up, event planning and catering


Turning a non-venue into a beautiful event venue and welcome 200 guests in style.

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