31st March 2023

Dancing through the night!

Party planning

The customer request

Organizing an event that would rekindle relationships among colleagues

When Tesi Group approached us, their aim was clear: to create memorable events that would rekindle the joy of partying and provide an opportunity for people to meet again. Recognising the significance of organising gatherings in the post-COVID era, Tesi Group decided to embark on a journey of creating unique occasions where the focus was on fun and connection.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Location and entertainment tailored to the client's needs

At Smart Eventi, we went above and beyond to curate an exceptional event for Tesi Group. Our selection of a bespoke venue allowed them to revel in the magic of late-night music, perfectly tailored to their desires. We meticulously handled all the essentials, including venue hire, sumptuous catering, awe-inspiring lighting and set-up services, an electrifying DJ, welcoming hostesses, and dedicated security. The venue created an immersive experience where guests could dance the night away. Our team's attention to detail ensured that every aspect, from the captivating ambiance to the delectable food, surpassed expectations. With Smart Eventi, Tesi Group experienced a flawless event, filled with memorable moments and a vibrant atmosphere.

Achieved results

Organizing an event that became an exceptional experience

At Smart Eventi, our mission was to help our client's employees reconnect and relish in the joys of socializing and having fun in-person, after the challenges of the pandemic. We exceeded their expectations by providing a one-of-a-kind experience that made every attendee feel valued, special, and cherished. Our team's creativity and adaptability ensured that the event was a resounding success, and we reinforced the importance of in-person gatherings in fostering connections and boosting morale. Smart Eventi is always committed to innovation and delivering exceptional experiences that go beyond expectations.

HR Manager

The party went perfectly, everyone was very happy with the organisation, the venue and the


Party planning


Getting back to having fun and socialising in person

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