17th-24th April 2023

Creativity, dynamism and flawless planning

Location scouting, catering services, furnishings rental, event planning consultancy

The client request

Elevated experience

Pomilio's vision for their Milan event transcended norms, calling for savvy location scouting, mouthwatering catering services, chic furniture rentals, and cutting-edge organizational advice. The goal? Crafting an elevated experience, fueling creative synergies, and harnessing the power of social media to reach new heights. At the intersection of innovation, adaptability, and possibility, they wanted to craft an event that spoke the language of our ever-evolving digital era.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Versatile venues

In our journey alongside Pomilio’s team through Milan's versatile venues, we stumbled upon a splendid two-storied space—a dream-locator's delight. Turning the second floor into a dynamic designer's utopia, our team managed mannequin and display equipment rentals. We amped up the rhythm with two memorable cocktail events on the 18th and 21st of April 2023, a handsomefusion of innovation and cheer.

Achived results

Perfect venue

We identified the perfect venue, enabling the client to curate an installation, offering a platform for young designers.The two cocktail functions we arranged saw a good turnout and left the client wholly satisfied.


Location scouting, catering services, furnishings rental, event planning consultancy


Finding the ideal venue for an exhibition featuring several designers

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