11th May 2023

This venue left our client speechless!

Venue scouting, meeting set-up, technical staff procurement, hostesses procuring and management, catering and logistics support

The customer request

Organize the annual training event for the Xlayers user group

C-Consulting, a Genova-based software house, contracted us once again for their yearly XLayers User Group training event. They sought a suitable location, and they were particular about the fact that the venue should carry historical significance. Additionally, they required overall meeting management, technical staff, hostesses, catering services to be hired and managed, and comprehensive event logistics support throughout the meeting.

The Smart Eventi proposal

A mix of history and natural beauty in a historic Milan location and a lunch with breathtaking views

After exploring various venues, a historical "gem" in the Niguarda area, featuring a massive park that boasts a historical site, containing the ruins of an ancient theatre – a fusion of natural beauty and cultural heritage, was the winning choice! The client was smitten! Upgrades were a must as it wasn't event-ready, but our can-do spirit brought the newly revamped space to life! Selecting the perfect rooms within this vast property was an enjoyable group effort. The cherry on top? A breathtaking lunch setting on the first floor, with those glorious theatre views as the pièce de résistance. With creativity and forward-thinking, we turned possibilities into realities.

Achieved results

Adaptability and innovation as a guarantee of a memorable event for the client

Despite the challenge presented by unexpected weather, our team pulled out all stops to ensure a memorable event. There was a radiant sense of achievement as we witnessed guests being captivated by the unique charm of the venue. Key to this was our ability to adapt and innovate, thus exceeding our client’s expectations.

Sales Assistant at C Consulting S.p.A.

We renewed our collaboration with the outstanding professionals at Smart Eventi. Within the team, we usually work with Federica, who knows us and understands exactly what we need. She was able to advise us and led us to this absolute gem of a venue. Federica's supervision was constant, efficient and meticulous as always. Nothing was left to chance. Our guests were in love with the venue and absolutely delighted by the catering. Smart Eventi has access to the best venue and Federica's excellent professionalism and expertise are a priceless gift to any company who decides to work with them. We are incredibly grateful for everything she did. We are already looking forward to the next event.


Venue scouting, meeting set-up, technical staff procurement, hostesses procuring and management, catering and logistics support


Finding the perfect venue for a meeting, setting it up, managing all the staff and catering

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