19th January 2019

Meeting with Murder Mystery Break for Vitaldent

Meeting and Murder Mystery Break

Customer Request

Our customer Vitaldent asked our support to organize a meeting followed by an original afternoon activity to entertain the guests.

Smart Eventi proposal

Smart Eventi selected a really spectacular location, situated in the centre of Milan: an ancient palace where an important patrician family lived and which was renewed in the XVIII century, becoming one of the most splendid building of the city.

The meeting was organized in one of the most beautiful rooms, characterized by elegant and refined furniture.

We proposed guided tours of an ancient room during the lunch break; it is famous for the wonderful paintings which were carefully described by two expert touristic guides specifically selected by Smart Eventi.

During the afternoon the guests participated at an involving Murder Mystery Break, an activity in which they had fun following the tips to solve the mystery.


The amazing location left the guests without words for the spectacularity of the rooms and the furniture which they could admire during the event.

The activity in which they took part was very involving and achieved the objective of entertaining the guests in an amusing and alternative way.


Meeting and Murder Mystery Break


Scouting location

Meeting organization

Murder Mystery Break Activity

Lunch and Dinner organization

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