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Smart Eventi is first and foremost a creative agency, specialising in corporate event and promotions, but also working as a public relations agency in Milan, with a special focus on corporate communication. We pride ourselves on always delivering outstanding results and full service to our customers and, throughout the years, we have implemented a variety of different services into our portfolio.

We aim at being the only point of contact you will need to launch a complex, multi-channel marketing campaign.
This is why we developed a web design department, specialising in innovative multimedia solutions for web-based marketing campaigns.

We will design complex and comprehensive web marketing solutions, factoring in design, contents and analytics, developing apps when necessary, offering SEO campaigns and viral campaigns that will grant you direct access to the audience you need and deserve.

Our communication services include:

- website design
- blog management
- website content creation
- SEO (search engine optimization)
- web positioning analysis.

A communication strategy’s success is based on a creative, solid and simple idea. Thanks to this method Smart Eventi will form the message that you want the selected public to receive. The idea represents a strong added value for the agency and our communication agency has reserved an entire specialized section to the creation of successful creative companies.

This type of digital communication has turned upside down our conception of marketing in “digital marketing”. In particular we take care of the personalization of the customer’s itinerary, of the marketing incentives’ integration, of the social messaging usage, like Whatsapp, in communication, of reference target’s involvement and finally we take care even of video marketing, in order to involve majorly the customer.

Last but not least important activity in the digital marketing is the emotional branding, in other words our capability of developing a private, emotive connexion between the public and the brand. Our mission is to support you in a communication plan capable of the public’s emotional involvement your target of reference. This is the only way to build future relationship and loyalty of real and potential customers.

In Smart Eventi, as a creative agency in Milan, we organized many different activities, making each event always a great success both for our client and both for the hosts. Out agency’s point of strengh is first of all the creativity with which we design your event.

Amongst all the events we organized in this sector we remember with pleasure these two:

- Our customer C&A asked us to organize an activity that was connected to other inner company strategies which, starting from September, included the new company's claim launch, a jingle and a communication campaign that had a strong impact. We created an amusing activity that gave a great visibility to the brand in the city of Verona, where there were already two shops. For this reason we thought that it was suitable to develop it in the city centre, crossing point for both tourists and citizens.

- Our brief with Inglesina, a prestigious brand in the child-care products market, was to provide a unique setting for the presentation of their new collection of strollers and prams. The general theme of the event was to be the atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast. The location chose was the Cube, a prestigious venue in the heart of Milan, where we created an exhibition space with citrus plants and typical mediterranean vegetation. 


If you are looking for a creative agency in Milan and for complex and professional web design solutions, that can fit well within the wider context of your multimedia promotional strategy, then Smart Eventi has everything you are looking for in terms of skills, creativity and expertise.

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