Wedding party for private client

Private - 23rd February 2019

Customer Request

A couple contacted us to organized their wedding party in a location which was really wonderful.

Smart Eventi proposal

We organized the wedding party in all its aspects choosing an amazing location: one of the most impressive historical villas of Milan, very close to the centre.

We thought this ancient palace was the ideal place for a dreamy party because it is characterized by elegant furniture and refined decorations which make it really wonderful.

Moreover we managed the floral decoration, taking care of every detail and making sure that the colours and the style were the ones required by our customers.

We also managed the catering and the wedding cake: a peculiar request because both the bride and the groom desired a tiramisù with different levels.

Besides the peculiarity of the request the result was heavenly, made special by the bride and groom's topper on the cake which was really funny .


The bride and groom were really happy of the great success of their wedding because every detail was exactly as they asked. They were very satisfied of our support because the party went exactly as they dreamed!

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