Touristic exposition of Valencia inside the malls

Valencia Tourism

We've been contacted by the Valencia Tourism agency, in order to promote the namesake city in Milan, so to increment the tourism. The events were located in two differents cities and dates: in Nola (Naples), the 17th February 2018, and in Carugate (Milan), the 24th and 25th February 2018.

In both the two cities we staged an expositive stand inside the Vulcano Buono mall (Nola) and the Carosello mall (Carugate), with particular characteristics of the spanish city, in particular: oranges, typical Valencia fruit, and beach chairs, in order to represent the beaches in Valencia were the citizens can go to and  have fun and relax, involving overall a painter, who paintes places and typical images of Valencia, with the artistic technique typical of the spanish tradition.

We involved the people inside the mall thanks to our hostesses and promoters squad, welcoming them to visit Valencia with a software supplied bby us that made possible visiting the entire city.

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