Temporary store for Promos


Customer Request

Promos of Milan had to organize an event for the Camera di Commercio of Pescara aiming at promoting Abruzzo region from tourism to the territory to the eno-gastronomic path.

They asked Smart Eventi to help them to find a suitable location to host the event.

Smart Eventi proposal

Smart Eventi carefully selected a space that could be used as temporary store and which gave relevance to the products which were sold inside.

The location we chose is a suggestive place, with an authentic character, situated in the amazing frame of Navigli area.

Inside the temporary some typical products related to the territory and to local productors were available aiming at promoting Abruzzo.


The amazing location contributed to give relevance to the typical products from Abruzzo and to highlight their authenticity, also thanks to the suggestive frame which surrounded the space.

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