Strategic meeting for Moleskine inside an historical and prestigious hotel


We organised a strategic meeting for Moleskine commercial agents from Europe.

Our customer chose an historical and prestigious hotel situated in Porta Venezia, in the centre of Milan.

The event was divided in two days: during the first day we organised an aperitif and a placé dinner which allowed the components of Moleskine's commercial offices to know each other and socialise.

Instead during the second day there was a very engaging meeting which lasted more than 6 hours but we organised a buffet lunch and two coffee breaks to divide it and to allow the participants to take a break.

All the breaks developed inside the hotel's park in a private area which was very quiet and perfect to chill.

To conclude in the best way these two days full of things to do we organised a reinforced aperitif for our customer inside a private area in the location's park to create a moment of relax among the guests and an impression sharing about the topics of the meeting.

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