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The Chinese province of Jiangsu has relied on Smart Eventi to organise the one-week exhibition "Discovering Jiangsu", in order to promote tourism and their country's art and craft in Italy. The chosen venue was the Museo della Permanente in Milan, where artworks by famous artists were exhibited, as well as photographs of beautiful landscapes and historical monuments and handicrafts.
Smart Eventi also  organised the opening ceremony for the exhibition, with the participation of cultural associations, journalists, bloggers, broadcasters and leading figures of the Chinese government. Among them, the director of the Museo della Permanente Giulio Gallera, the deputy governor of Jiangsu Province Li Yungfeng and the consul of China made a welcoming speech. The introduction was followed by various performances by artists including dancers, singers, acrobats and puppeteers.
The event was held in conjunction with the World Exhibition - Expo 2015 and in close connection with the Chinese pavilion.

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