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Canadian Solar

Customer Request

Also this year, Canadian Solar, a company operating in the solar energy sector, has entrusted us to offer to some of its managers, after a few days convention in Milan, a special and unforgettable day with the aim of increasing their level of engagement with the company and at the same time their motivation.

Smart Eventi proposal

After a convention it was important to find a “light” but engaging activity for the participants, so we have chosen an outdoor tour between relaxation and immersion in the nature of Lake Maggiore, precisely to the Borromean Islands. A private bus was the transport that led them to this paradise where they waited for a motorboat rented specifically for them with a skipper and a guide who made them experienced the scenic wonders of the place.The first island of the tour was the exotic Isola Madre, then we had lunch at Isola dei Pescatori ending the tour of the day with Isola Bella.


The organized tour and our customer first approach has attracted the interest of all the participants that, led to the discovery of enchanted places and probably driven by the beauty of the place and the relaxed climate that inspires Lake Maggiore, have taken the opportunity to tell their origins and experiences of life and to generate positivity in the group.

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