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ICT Consulting

Customer Request

Even this year our loyal customer ICT Consulting contacted us to organise a business trip with an original team building.

Smart Eventi proposal

We organised our client ICT's business trip in all of its aspects.

We chose Franciacorta as destination because, besides amazing landscapes, it offers the possibility of doing a lot of activities surrounded by nature.

After an accurate selection, we chose a refined 4-star structure with a thai wellness centre and an amazing panoramic view on Iseo lake.

During the trip we proposed different activities to involve the guests, among which the visit of a peculiar winecellar in Franciacorta, followed by a dinner in which we entertained the participants with our wine tasting, in which the teams challenged their senses and the knowledge learnt during the visit of the winecellar.

On the following morning we organised a sportive and competitive activity which involved a lot the participants: the team building orienteering in the wood.

To make the activity more challenging we added some survival trials. The teams used their survival spirit to try to lit the fire just using the flint, building a tent as soon as possible, building an emergency stretcher and to do a lot of extreme activities.


During the trip the participants had the possibility of trying different activities, creating deeper relations with their colleagues and strengthening a lot the team spirit to overcome together difficult trials which required a great collaboration.

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