14th November 2018

Press day for the German Tourism Institution

Press day for the German Tourism Institution

Customer Request

The German Tourism Institution required a support to organize an event dedicated to the press to promote the city of Berlin.

Smart Eventi proposal

In collaboration with the touristic web site Visit Berlin, we’ve organized an event dedicated to the press for the German Tourism Institution, aiming at promoting the city of Berlin.

The event begun with a conference on the city, its monuments and other tourist attractions, which took place in the amazing location that we specifically selected: a designed space that presents multifunctional halls, characterized by modern technologies which make the spaces very comfortable.

After the conference a placè dinner was served and we carefully selected the catering which offered excellent food proposals.

Moreover to entertain the guests and to stay in line with the main topic of the evening, some German artists realized a wall painting with the "tape art" technique about the city of Berlin during dinner.


The location is characterized by modern technologies which facilitated the development of the event, making the environment highly comfortable and impressive.

Ulrich Rüter
Director of DZT Italian delegation

Dear Miss Basagni,

We've been very satisfied of the huge answer of the media representatives and of the positive feedback of the participants.

You gave an important contribution to the event to be successful. The evening wouldn't have achieved such a great success without your active support. It has been a pleasure working with you because you have always been available and willing to support us in every request.

The catering has been satisfying too: the waiters were always nice and friendly.

In conclusion, I can say that when we'll plan future projects, for sure we'll take your location into consideration.


Press day for the German Tourism Institution


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