Design Week 2019 exhibition for Faram 1957

Faram 1957 S.p.a.

Customer Request

Faram 1957, a famous office's interior design company, contacted Smart Eventi to organise the exhibition for the Design Week 2019.

Smart Eventi proposal

We organised the exhibition for Faram 1957 company in occasion of the Design Week 2019 in an innovative and digital space.

It has been chosen a highly technological location in the real centre of Milan, so that the visitors were struck thanks to the bond between technology and furniture.

The event has been projected focusing on the experience, that the guests could feel in the space thanks to the organisation, day by day during the week, of mini events and presentations.

Some of the most famous and loved evenings have been: the show cooking evening realised inside the location in collaboration with AMC cooking system and Verum products, and the evening dedicated to basket with the intervention of two famous players: Riccardo Pittis and Gianluca Basile.


The exhibition struck the visitors also thanks to the innovative and technological location in which it took place.

The fact that every day different events have been proposed allowed to involve everybody and to make them live a 360° experience.

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