Press day for the new Darphin anti-stress face mask


We organised a press day for our customer Darphin, part of Estée Lauder group, for the presentation of a new anti-stress face mask to journalists and bloggers.

The setting was very peculiar because, taking inspiration from Provencal countryside, as it is a French brand, we created a photocall which reminded of a typical Provencal garden, characterised by vases of lavender, plants and country chic furniture.

Moreover we managed the catering, which realised a rich buffet where the main colour was yellow, as inside the new product the main ingredient was the calendula, yellow-coloured.
The buffet could boost a wide range of finger food, such as macarons and biscuits in the shape of products.

At the entrance of the location the journalists were welcomed in the first area, where the product was explained, then they went to a second area where they could try the mask on their skin and finally they went to the catering and photocall area to take a picture as a memory of the event.

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