Annual sale for Collistar


Customer Request

For the second year Collistar contacted Smart Eventi to organize their annual sale dedicated to clients, friends and relatives.

Smart Eventi proposal

For the second following year we organized the annual sale for our client Collistar.

The initiative was dedicated to customers, friends and relatives and we tried to find a location which was suitable for the event.

As the client asked to find a wide space we proposed an amazing 800mq open space situated in Garibaldi area, where different thematic areas were set: body products, make up, hair products and solars.

It is a modern and elegant location, which stands out for its architectural characteristics and for the charm of the details specifically studied by the property.

The event has been opened to public for three days giving them the possibility of buying some of the brand's products on 70% sale.


The event had a great success among the public thanks to the modern location characterized by elegant and refined architectural details and the precise division of the products into thematic areas, which made the buying phase more simple and tidy.

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