Team building Flashmob for C&A


We organised a team building activity for C&A after the end of the meeting.

Our customer required that this activity was connected to other inner company strategies which, starting from September, included the new company's claim launch, a jingle and a communication campaign that had a strong impact.

We created an amusing activity that gave a great visibility to the brand in the city of Verona, where there were already two shops. For this reason we thought that it was suitable to develop it in the city centre, crossing point for both tourists and citizens.

Verona is renowned to be the city of the music and since we had a jingle from September, we arranged C&A's company jingle again and then we realised some tutorial video. They were made by our music and dance coach and then we showed them to the participants to prepare them to a real flashmob.

We chose one of the most beautiful squares of the world as a location, that is the core of the city life.

The event was therefore realised in front of big groups of tourists that stopped by to look at them in a curious and interested way.

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