Team building with the topic Leonardo’s Secrets for Burger King

Burger King

We organised a team building activity for Burger King. It was very peculiar because we chose a particular topic: the artistic masterpieces that we can discover in our city.
In fact to create an harmonious group among the employees and to gather them to face an unique and involving challenge, we organised Leonardo’s Secrets, a city tour that follows the treasure hunt front.

We prepared the activity with some tasks to develop helped by mini Ipad, to give a technologic touch and to make the hints search easier.
The group was divided into teams and with the help of a GPS system they reached the different stages indicated on the map.

The fil rouge, as we can understand by the name, is Leonardo da Vinci and his life in Milan, through a path marked by some of his most famous masterpieces.
We also found the location for dinner, during which we considered live music and an amazing Dj set to follow and to conclude the day in a cheerful way.

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