Promotional and not Conventional Activity for Aveda's new store in Brera District


Aveda, our loyal client, asked us to find a creative and not conventional idea for a promotion on the new store in Brera District in order to increase the engagement activity.

We chose to divide the promotional activity in 3 fundamental steps:

1 step: We hired some future-tellers, who were wearing ethnic and spiritual clothes. They were busy reading the hands of the pedestrians in a soft and spiritual way, absolutely not forced, but on the contrary by cuddling them. 

Based on what they felt was their mood, the gave an invite to each person, each with an "Osho" aphorism regarding the different mood (stress, tiredness, energic, exhausted). On the invite they obviously had the opportunity to enter in the store and follow the soul spirit way. 

2 step: In order to optimize the Guerrilla Marketingg, we played with a game of lights, by casting different lights with sentences, with each indicating a different path between the future-teller and the store.

3 step: Considering that it was a ferial evening, who entered in the store had the opportunity to sip a glass of wine matched with a main mood.


The client and the people who followed the mood path instore were satisfied of our not conventional promotional activity.

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