Creative seeding for Aveda


Customer Request

Aveda, our loyal customer, contacted us for the need to present their products despite the pandemic period that made it impossible to organize the physical Press Days.

Smart Eventi proposal

We have designed and created creative boxes to be sent to journalists and bloggers with the newest products inside.

Inside the box, in addition to the products, we have included various branded gadgets and a 100% vegan breakfast kit: pomegranate jam, organic juice and dried fruit. The gadget most appreciated by journalists and bloggers was the ecocup, designed to grow a cute lavender plant.

Since Aveda is a brand very sensitive to environmental issues, we have selected for them fair trade boxes from Africa.

In addition to the construction of the boxes and their contents, we also took care of the management of shipments throughout Italy.


The original idea has conquered journalists and bloggers and defeated the barriers of social distancing, so much so that Aveda has created various creative seedings with us throughout the year.

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