Team Building Quad Experience

Andromede per Pony Italy

When you think of team-building sports, chances are that your mind will be filled with images of teams paintballing or going on adventure trails, which is all well and good, but not quite what we wanted for this project.
We like to think out of the box and that's what we did in collaboration with Andromede for Pony Italy, a leading European firm in the field of dry cleaning press components.
On this team-building trip, we headed for the Ticino National park for a quad-racing adventure.
The great thing about quad-racing is that it allows even inexperienced drivers to brave a wide variety of terrains safely, particularly on four-wheeler vehicles. Quad-racing is no sport for the faint-hearted: the whole point of it is the rare opportunity to enjoy the wilderness, driving through muddy and impervious terrains: in this respect the Ticino National Park provides the perfect environment for a full-scale adventure only a short drive away from the city. We took a party of 50 people on an excursion on 25 quads through the woodlands. The day ended on a sweet note, as we took our attendees to a nearby restaurant, to sample a selection of home-made local desserts.

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