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Alleanza Assicurazioni, a subsidiary of the Generali Group, operates throughout the country with nearly 17,000 Employees in the service of nearly 2 million customers .
In 2013, Alleanza enrtusted Smart Eventi, and specifically our team-building department at, with the management of a team building project for all the employees of the North Milan area.
The project we created was called "Alliance Snow Olympics Games" and involved, among other things, a rich winter sports program in the beautiful landscape of Val di Scalve.
The 114 participants, divided into 10 colour-coded teams, met each test and challenge with enthusiasm and competitive spirit, be it tree climbing, orienteering, archery , rope bridge crossing, rescue training, making a camp-fire ignition or fighting a snowball war.
The day ended with a gala dinner during which photos of the day's activities were projected and both the team leader and the employees commented on the positivity of the overall experience and exchanged Christmas greetings .
The reaction of the participants and the enthusiasm expressed throughout the day was greatly satisfying to both us and the client.

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