Street marketing and cargo bike for the renewable energy tour


The Customer's Request

Ener2crowd was born in 2018 with a specific mission: to build a better future. How? Reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and involving people for a great opportunity for collective progress.

We were therefore contacted to support them in organizing the renewable energy tour in Italy ENERGIA INSIEME. The project envisaged actions to involve citizens residing in the municipalities interested in the tour, making them participate through crowdfunding activities for the economic and environmental benefits development.

The Smart Eventi proposal

The GuruMarketing unit by Smart Eventi curated and organized the promotional tour starting from Casalbore (AV), passing through Ariano Irpino (AV) up to the municipality of Benevento. The target was the financing of the Casalbore wind farm.

Flyers, graphics, gazebos, cargo bike graphics, and gadgets, have been designed and set up by our team, together with the logistical organization of the spaces and the handling of the necessary paperwork. Finally, we were present on the spot for the staff management during each stage of the tour.

We also proposed street marketing and promotion activities designed for the occasion, communicated through the use of cargo bikes. All followed through careful reporting.

Acieved Results

The whole activity has been taken care of in the smallest details, resulting in great satisfaction for our customers with whom we had created a great collaboration such as to generate a serene and highly productive atmosphere, useful in terms of results also due to the particularly strict time.

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