Party at the Senec stand closing at the MCE


The Customer's Request

The SENEC company, which has distinguished itself in the renewable energy field since 2009, contacted us on the occasion of our participation in the MCE, the international trade fair about energy efficiency, asking us to organize a closing party at their stand.

Smart Eventi proposal

Considering the importance of the fair and the return to face-to-face events, we thought it was essential to propose something really engaging.

From a structural point of view, we created a location for the dj set and audio service around the stand where the end-of-fair party would take place, in addition to the presence of an acrobatic barman. The latter was that element we were looking for to make everything more engaging. The public was engaged in the preparation of the drinks in a completely extravagant way.

Results Achieved

Our support was recognized and particularly appreciated by the customer, moreover the presence of the acrobatic barman left the participants stunned who got involved without any hesitation.

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