First Rockfon Temporary Showroom in Europe

Rockfon spa

The Customer's Request

We were contacted by the company Rockfon Spa, a manufacturer of acoustic ceilings and wall panels, to support them in the organization and management of the first Rockfon Temporary Showroom in Europe.

We were asked to identify the location where to set up a showroom for the presentation of products, functional from an exhibition point of view but also welcoming towards customers, which would be in line with the customer-centric philosophy of the brand.

The Smart Eventi proposal

Quality, trust, sustainability, and innovation are the concepts on which Rockfon Spa manufactures its products and which we have considered as starting points for the search of a suitable location to satisfy the request.

After a thorough scouting activity, we have proposed a space with an industrial style and design located along the banks of the Navigli. 2500 square meters of surface divided into three levels and characterized by a brightness capable of making everything particularly suggestive. Last but not least, is the modularity of the spaces, adaptable to the needs, ethical, and aesthetic characteristics of each brand.

Achieved Rresults

The location perfectly represented the common thread expressed by the company philosophy and was sought after in this type of event, generating great satisfaction in our client and laying excellent foundations for future collaborations and agreements.

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